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Arts Infused Inquiry Based Learning

HPES has embraced Arts-Infused Inquiry-Based Learning (AIIBL pronounced “able”).  AIIBL is a rigorous standards-based, and 21st century skills-based system of teaching.  This student-centered methodology is designed to allow participants to learn about content, ask questions about the content, and research answers to their questions.  In this way, students not only have buy-in to their learning, but they understand a subject in a deep and lasting manner.  Arts are used both to teach subject matter (process) and to allow students to show what they know (product). 

In order to create a safe learning environment in which to practice inquiry, students learn how to collaborate and communicate effectively with one another.  Creativity and the arts are stressed not only in how material is presented to students (process), but how students can show what they have learned (product).  Critical thinking practices are integral to the entire process.  Classrooms become a community as they build a common background and history together and as they learn and research together.  This community also extends out to the larger school community when research results are shared with others through socially conscious projects such as Public Service Announcements (PSAs), posters, videos, songs, presentations, murals, art installations, etc.