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Not sure which program or what grade your child should be in?  

1. Click on the link below. 

2. Type in your child's birthdate.

3. Ta-da!

School of Residence

Not sure which SCHOOL is your school of residence?  

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The Enrollment Portal for the 2021-22 School Year is open.

Please visit on to begin enrolling for next School Year, 2021-22.

Support in Korean and Spanish when calling the school at 323-935-5272.

Follow the steps below to begin enrollment.

Enrollment Options

  • HPE is the school of residence
  • SAS (School for Advanced Studies) through the eChoices

Please complete the HP Enrollment Survey on the right to BEGIN enrollment for the 2021-22 School Year (CLICK ON THE IMAGE).

Enrollment for the 2020-2021 School Year:

1.  Complete the HP Enrollment Survey ON THE RIGHT. (CLICK on image)

2.  Download and complete the 2020-21 LAUSD Hancock Park Elementary School Enrollment Packet BELOW. (PDF Download)

3.  Main Office will contact you to make an appointment to drop off Completed Enrollment Packet and Verification Documents.

Verification Documents NEEDED for Enrollment:

  • Lease Agreement or Current Utility Bill with Parents’ name - not a Phone Bill. (LAUSD does not accept telephone bills or driver’s licenses as proof of residence. Any documentation offered as proof of residence must show the name of the parent/legal guardian, the current date and the residence address.)
  • BOTH parents' ID card or Passport
  • Student’s Birth Certificate or Passport

(Resource: LAUSD’s Attendance Manual Policy & Procedures… [March 2013Version 3.0], Appendix D-1a).]

Click BELOW for Hancock Park ES Enrollment Packet

Return the Completed Enrollment Packet during your Appointment Time.  Bring COPIES of each of the following documents:

  • Lease Agreement or a CURRENT utility bill
  • Birth Verification – Birth Certificate or Passport
  • Immunization Card – 5/DTP, 4/POLIO, 2/MMR, 3/Hep B, 2/Hep A, HIB, 2/Varicella
  • Oral Health Assessment Form – must be SIGNED and STAMPED by the Dental Office - required ONLY for TK, Kinder, and 1st graders
  • PAR and Report Card – IF your child is transferring from another LAUSD school
  • Current Grade or Report Card – IF your child is transferring from another STATE or COUNTRY
  • IEP (Copy) – IF your child has an IEP for Special Education

***Physical Exam – Pink CHDP card will be PROVIDED at your appointment time.  After appointment, the Pink CHDP card must be SIGNED and STAMPED by the Doctor’s Office and returned on the first day of school.

HPE Enrollment Survey for 2021-22 School Year